The Home of the Panda

“The ocean is a mystery.”

There are 365 days in a year, so for these 365 days I am going to do this blog, a word for each day and a snippet of a story for each word. How am I going to choose the words? I’m going to do it randomly. If a word pops into my mind I will then use said word and make something with that word.

Anyone can write, it’s what you write that matters. I wanted to do this blog as a challenge and writing exercise for myself. It’s not easy to write something with only a word to guide you, imagination is what it takes.

I’ve started this blog on a whim, it can go either way good or bad. The point of the blog is more if I can do it than how I can do it. But to whomever reads this I do hope you enjoy the weird yet thrilling things I write with my overactive imagination. So bear with me, it could be a rocky ride at first.

“Be different” He said.

“How?” I replied looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Be yourself, that’s how.” He smiled.

Do enjoy this adventurous writing challenge.