5 Positive things!

Everyone gets those negative days, well here are 5 positive things to help you or just to cheer you up! 

1. Look at cute animal pictures.

this always cheers you up a little, go online look at cute animals, smile, laugh.

2: Don’t overthink.

this one is a little tricky, but overthinking can make you feel even more negative, so try to keep your mind busy. 

3: Grab a book.

picking up your favourite book and making yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee or some hot chocolate, and reading can keep your mind busy and cheer you up as well.

4: talk to a friend or family member.

talking to someone about your bad day can help, so call or text a friend, maybe invite them over to watch a movie or just to hang, this could cheer you up.

5: Go for a walk.

Simple I know, but going outside can help, go for a nice walk to clear your thoughts and this will help cheer you up and it could help get rid of the negativity too. 


I hope these steps help in someway, pass it on to people you know maybe it will help them too! Thanks for reading.