“A fox tale.”

Word 38: Fox

There was a tale of a fox that wandered the forest,  which every hunter wanted to catch it, for it had a bounty on its head. They just wanted the money. But there was one huntress who wanted to catch the fox so that she could let it go.

She was running the through the forest, with her bow in her hand. She had tracked the fox to this point. She looked around for any sight of orange fur, yet turning in all directions she couldn’t see anything.

Then by chance she saw something small run past her, and ran after it. She stopped to catch her breath, right in front of her the fox had stopped too. Silently she pulled a arrow out of her quiver, pointing it at the fox. She shot the arrow at its leg. Since She didn’t want the fox dead. The fox whimpered. She slowly moved forward and picked it up. It growled, as she quickly took it to her cabin that was near by.

After taking the arrow out of the fox’s leg, she became famous in the town for killing the fox, but what the townspeople didn’t know was that she had taken the fox to another forest and had let it go free. That is the tale of the fox and the huntress.

“A fox and a huntress roaming the woods.”



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