“Be Brave.”

Word 30: Brave

What is bravery? Is it a soldier walking into war? Is it a person telling another person his or hers their feelings?  Or is it simply not being afraid?

These are questions she asked herself sometimes. Her mind was a swirling wonderland of questions that didn’t have answers, at least not the answers she sought. At times it was frustrating for her that she had so many questions yet no one could give her the answers.

Sitting under a willow tree, with the sun shining brightly and the wind blowing, she as always had a book with her and a cup of tea in a to-go cup. Her notebook lay open beside her with a pen resting on the pages. If you looked closer you could see the pages filled with scribbley handwriting, black ink coating the pages with magnificent things.

She pulled her green sweater tighter around her as the wind picked up, blowing aged leaves all around her as well as the pages of her book. She quickly placed her hand down on the page she was on, waiting for the gust of wind to pass. Laughing to herself, she leaned against the tree again, and continued reading her book, bringing the cup of tea to her lips. Her hair was knotted and blown in all different directions, yet this moment was a memory never to be forgotten.

Was she a brave person?  She often pondered this question, with as little answer as all the rest of her frustrating unknowns. She guessed she would discover the truth someday.

“A brave heart is a priceless treasure.”



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