“Mystery in itself is a mystery.”

Word 20: Mystery

Some mysteries should not be unraveled because they are to be kept secret. Mystery is a way of wanting to know something but not truly wanting the answer to the question mark. She was a mystery herself, just like all the mystery novels, she was a puzzle piece that didn’t know how to fit. As mysterious as can be but still intriguing, there was something about her that made her a mystery. It wasn’t that she was a very private person and kept to herself most of the time, it was something else. Something that made her stand out in a crowd. Maybe it was the way she loved books and liked being in her own world more then being in this one. But whatever it was that made her a mystery, it would probably never change. Once a mystery always a mystery, and so she would be a mystery always.

“There’s a mysterious sparkle in your eyes.”



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