“There was a fire in her soul.”

Word 19: Fire

Fire: it’s a burning desire to be brighter than the stars that glow in the night as you sleep, it’s a red glow that sparks and roars. She was sitting on the sandy shore of her local beach, it was dark and probably really late at night. You see she couldn’t sleep, so she decided to go a a walk and somehow ended up at the beach. The soft melody of the roaring ocean calmed her thoughts that were like the raging sea. There was a glowing fire probably left over by the big bonfire the town had hours before. She sat next to the warm flames that were still glowing, the fire lighting up the sky with little sparks of hope. It was a beautiful moment. She looked out at the ocean that was shimmering with fire in her soul and raging seas in her mind. She pulled her sweater tighter around her, playing with a twig she found on the sandy shore, and feeding the fire. It roared to life sending more sparks into the sky. The fire gave off a lovely warmth that glowed in her soul. She closed her eyes capturing the moment, keeping it locked away in her memory for infinity.

“Little sparks of hope floating in the sky looking for dreamers and believers.”



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