Dear whomever

“Dear, it’s just a moment in time so don’t worry so much.”

Word 18: Dear

Dear whomever… she has always liked writing letters. The way the pen glided across the paper with such ease, it made her feel alive. It was something she did regularly. She would sit at her desk, a pen and paper in front of her, and she would write to anyone she could think of. She wouldn’t write just anything though. Sometimes she would write stories or a poem of some sorts. Sometimes she would write encouraging words that some people needed to hear in that moment in time. It gave her a thrill to write, her hand moving across the page faster than she could think. It was simply a feeling she couldn’t get enough of, that’s why she wrote letters every week. Sometimes she would even write letters to her future self, telling her future self things that had happened that day, just so she could experience the joy of writing.

“Dear you, have a nice day.” 



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