“Time: a endless fact in life.” 

Word 14: Time

It’s endless, a second passes then a minute then a hour then a day then a month then a year then 10 years. It goes on, a cycle that cannot be broken. It’s just how time works, seconds turn into minutes and so on, then it does it all over again. She was holding her pocket watch in her hand, walking as fast as she could. The library was about to close, there were only 10 minutes left, and she had to get another book, since she had finished the one she got yesterday. But she was late and now she only had minutes to get there, choose a book and check it out. It was simply impossible. Sighing as she walked, a little annoyed with herself for losing track of the time, she slowly turned around, heading back in the direction of her apartment. She would have to get the book tomorrow, and this time she wouldn’t lose track of the time. Such an endless thing, yet without time we would forget or never get things done, so as endless as it is, important is time indeed.

“Tick tock tick tock, don’t let the time run out.”



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