“Clouds float and dance in the sky, painting it with unique colours.” 

Word 13: Clouds 

The clouds looked blue, like the colour of the ocean. They looked soft and fluffy as they cast shadows on the water. She looked out at the soft currents with her sketch book in hand. She drew the clouds that danced across the sky, outlining their unique shapes and sizes. Her hand moved along the page with swift movements, making a masterpiece, allowing the shadows of the clouds to dance across her page. She drew the ocean and the sky as blue as the deepest seas, while the sun setting in the distance chnaged the clouds from white to blue to red, making the sky light up with different colours. The ocean roared with life, making waves and ripples, and birds sang songs, and she drew all of it so that in years to come she could look back on this day. 

“Clouds danced around the sky in different shapes and sizes.”




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