The light shines.”

Word 12: Light 

The way the light was reflecting onto the book she was reading gave off a glow like sunshine. She wanted to catch it in a jar and keep it there to glow. Although she knew that was impossible, she couldn’t help but dream. Maybe a sunlight jar was all she needed. It would be a piece of happiness in a jar of light. She looked down again at the words on the pages she was reading and they seemed to make more sense now. All she needed was a bit of light to help her out, and it made her smile almost as brightly as the light on her book. She had a way of getting carried away with her imagination, it was just the way her mind wandered. The light was making shadows on the wall in front of her, they danced around and shimmered. She closed the book trying to trap the light, even though she knew when she would open the book again it wouldn’t be there, yet not truly gone, because light is everywhere.

“Trapping light in a jar of happiness.”



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