“Dreams escaping reality.”

Word 10: Dream

Dreams vs reality, sometimes dreams are better then reality. But they don’t last which is why we wake up. She was sitting on the couch, a notebook in her hand. She sighed looking at the empty pages of the notebook, what was she supposed to write? She was supposed to write down her dreams, what she wanted to be but she didn’t know. Tapping the pencil against the edge of the notebook, she looked out the window. Leaves were falling and the wind was howling. Trying to think of what to write, she decided to go make a cup of tea. Tea always helped right? Sitting again with the warm cup in her hand, steam wafting up into the air then disappearing, she looked down at the notebook. This time she knew what dream to write. After she wrote it down, she looked out the window again, sighing in contentment this time. Dreams vs reality, make your dream your reality.

“Dreaming of night stars and morning sunrises.”



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