“Comfort is a thing we all need.” 

Word 9: Comfort 

Sitting comfortably on a couch, with a blanket and a bowl of soup, maybe some hot chocolate, that’s comfortable. Maybe comfort isn’t a thing but a person that you can talk to about anything, or maybe it’s a book that you love to read. Sometimes it’s a movie that you like to watch. She was listening to music her headphones in, ignoring the world as she looked out at the flowers in her garden full of roses and tulips. Looking at flowers and seeing birds was something she liked doing in her spare time. The music had a nice melody. She sang softly along to the lyrics, bobbing her head to the beat, and took out her book. The sun shining down on the pages, making a golden glint. Like a broken watch in time, the moment stood still. That comforted her.

“The comfort of the wind and ocean and sun.”



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