“Books are a way to live in a different world.”

Word 8: Book

A book is a mind’s way of escaping for a little while, a way to forget the world just for a bit. She was reading again, this time it was a romance novel, although she normally didn’t read books like that. So this was something new to her. Different as it was, she liked exploring new things. Even if it was just a new book, to her it was a adventure untaken, a new world to explore. In some ways she was a explorer, but not like other people. No she read and found new worlds, yes maybe they were imaginary worlds that people made up, but to her they were wonderlands. New names, new words, new places. To her it was wondrous, so yes she definitely liked books. They made her a explorer and that was an adventure in itself.

“The soul needs books to keep the mind sharp.”



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