“Wise words: Tea solves most problems.”

Word 5: Tea 

She sat on her windowsill with a cup of tea in hand. She was having a anxious day, so she made herself a cup of normal tea. It was calming and it made her feel warm. She looked out the window at a autumn day. She could see everything turning orange, like the golden glow of the sun. She pulled her sweater tighter around her, as she took sips of her tea she felt less anxious than she did before. The tea had calmed her nerves, yet  she let out a small sigh. Looking back outside, she saw buildings and cars zooming by. She was about to take another sip of her tea, but when she looked down into the cup it was empty. Strangely enough she was not saddened by this, because damn it had been  a good cup of tea.

“A sweater and tea day.”



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