“We’re all afraid of something, we all have dreams. and we all have unspoken words that fade over time.  It’s just how we humans work.”    -Panda

Word 1: Rain

She looked out the window hoping to see the sun shining and the clouds floating over head, but she was met with a gloaming dark cloud of rain, drizzling down making the ground shine. It seemed the sky was sad, like it knew how she was feeling, reflecting her emotions. She sighed with a thoughtful look on her face as she turned back to look down at her lap where a book lay. Reading was one of the things she was good at, something she enjoyed wholeheartedly. The tap tap of the rain on the roof was calming as she turned the page of the novel. She then took a sip of her steaming hot chocolate. It might have been raining, but it was a cozy rain one that made you feel warm she thought.


” Rainy days are sometimes the best days.”



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